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Some individuals believe they can detox at home from drug addiction and abuse, but this action is extremely dangerous, not to mention likely to lead to relapse. It is much safer and more effective to detox in a residential facility, as doing so at home can even cause deadly results.

For help finding programs that will cater to your needs and allow you to go through withdrawal comfortably and without harm, call 888-810-3710 Who Answers? now.

What are Detox Centers?

Residential detox programs allow patients to withdraw from a substance they have become dependent on in a 24-hour facility that provides the necessary medical care for their safe recovery. Though there are some facilities that provide outpatient detox treatment, this is one of the times where you will be likely to be the most vulnerable in your recovery and to be grappling with severe psychological and/or physical symptoms for which you will require the proper treatment. Therefore, it is safer and more beneficial to attend care at a residential detox program.

Why Can’t I Detox at Home?

It isn’t safe to detox alone, especially when you have been abusing a drug for several months or years. Some substances can cause deadly withdrawal syndromes, and while not all do, other issues could create very serious problems for those who attempt to detox at home.

If you are considering beginning your detox from any substance(s) of abuse, call 888-810-3710 Who Answers? immediately to find access to safe, reliable treatment. It can be extremely dangerous to attempt to detox alone.

  • Stopping your substance abuse cold turkey can cause many serious side effects. For example, those who stop taking benzodiazepines suddenly can often experience seizures, depersonalization, and a number of other severe or even deadly symptoms of withdrawal. Those who stop taking cocaine can experience intense depression, which can lead to suicidal thoughts. And frequent opioid abusers will begin to feel extreme physical pain several hours after they take their last dose. Many people who attempt to detox at home do not realize how painful, severe, or dangerous their withdrawal symptoms may become, and they will not have any way to treat them.
  • If you have been considering tapering off your dosage amount of a particular substance, this is also extremely dangerous. Because you do not know how much your body can handle at a given time, there is a possibility you could begin experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms or, on the other side of the spectrum, overdose if you take too much. Many people also return to substance abuse when they attempt to taper off their dosage amount, finding it too hard and giving back into their addiction.
  • Asking a friend to help you during this time is just as unsafe as doing it alone; your friend or loved one, though possibly well-meaning, cannot look after you like a professional healthcare provider can and likely will not know how to care for you if something goes wrong.

It is unsafe to detox in your home because the results of withdrawal are often much more unpredictable than people realize. Seeking out the right detox facility before you begin to experience the severe symptoms of withdrawal should be your main priority, and we can help you find the best program for your needs.

Could I Die from Withdrawal?

There is a chance that withdrawal could be fatal, even if the symptoms themselves are not deadly. Certain substances, like CNS depressants and alcohol, can cause severe symptoms that can be fatal on their own, while other drugs can create differing effects that can still become just as deadly.

For example, most opioid overdose deaths occur when an individual is in withdrawal or has just finished detoxing. This is because they are still likely to relapse, as they have not received professional addiction treatment yet, and when this relapse occurs, the individuals have a lower tolerance from their attempt at detox.


Taking part in a professional detox will reduce your risk of relapse.

Many users take too much and experience a fatal overdose. Opioid abuse can also lead to relapse during withdrawal because the painful symptoms, when unmanaged, can become unbearable for users. Cocaine users face similar problems because cravings for the drug are so strong all through withdrawal, and a minimized tolerance can lead to a deadly overdose.

It is very possible that a person attempting to go through detox alone could experience deadly effects, which is why it is much safer to attend professional detox treatment. Any substance can cause devastating effects during withdrawal, and if you are not already in a treatment center that can provide safe, medical attention, you may not be able to get the help you need in time.

How Can Professional Detox Help Me?

There are many ways in which a professional detox program can make your withdrawal––and your overall recovery––much safer and more successful.

  • Being in a residential treatment environment will ensure that you have access to all the options you may require during this time, including medications, behavioral therapies, holistic methods, etc.
  • With medical care, your detox itself will be much less traumatic than if you attempted to do it yourself at home. This will make your overall recovery easier and spare you the risks of home detox.
  • You will not be in danger of relapse the way people who attempt to detox at home often are. You will be in a controlled environment where your symptoms will be managed and you will not have access to your medication.
  • Professional detox centers can help ensure that you will attend addiction treatment after you have successfully withdrawn. Many people who attempt detox at home do not attend professional addiction treatment because they believe they are cured, which is very likely to lead to relapse. You will avoid this issue, as your staff will make your transition from detox to addiction treatment easy and smooth.

Seek Professional Detox Treatment Now

If you have been struggling with substance abuse, call 888-810-3710 Who Answers? today to find the detox program that will help you put an end to it. Detoxing at home is an extremely high-risk choice that causes many people to experience severe side effects and even deadly results. Call now to find help immediately and to start your recovery in the safest way possible.

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