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Inpatient Treatment
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Inpatient treatment is one of the most beneficial options to those looking for addiction rehab, especially if you have never attended professional treatment before. Call 888-810-3710 Who Answers? to find rehab options that will cater to your needs and allow you to receive the most beneficial treatments available for addiction recovery.

What is Inpatient Treatment?

Inpatient rehab is a treatment option that allows patients to stay in the facility 24-hours a day, providing meals and sleep accommodations. You will receive a more intensive program if you decide to stay at an inpatient center, as you can also expect more supervision.

These centers often provide hospital-like care that allows patients to safely recover from addiction and any other medical conditions they may currently be dealing with as well as safe and reliable treatment in a controlled atmosphere.

If you would like to learn more about inpatient centers and what they offer, call 888-810-3710 Who Answers? now.

How Do Inpatient Centers Work?

Once you decide on a facility, you will be admitted to treatment. Your doctor will take a comprehensive exam and give you a series of tests to determine what your needs are and how the program can best meet them.

Next, you will be given a personalized treatment program that will detail all the methods your healthcare providers will utilize in order to help you recover from substance abuse. These will usually include pharmacological, therapeutic, holistic, and other options.

Once you have completed your treatment program, your transition into an aftercare option (either an outpatient center, a sober living house, a halfway house, or another program) will be facilitated by your healthcare providers.

What are the Benefits of Inpatient Treatment?

Attending one of these facilities could benefit you in many ways. For example:

  • Inpatient facilities often offer short- and long-term programs to recovering addicts, and you can choose the length of treatment based on what you and your doctor agree you need.
  • These facilities offer a safe place for patients to stay while receiving treatment, which is often a necessity, as addiction can be strongly affected by a person’s living situation.
  • Doctors, nurses, therapists, volunteers, and other staff members at these facilities are used to working with addicts and will want to help you recover as safely as possible. They will also have considerable experience dealing with addiction patients in order to be entrusted to work at facilities such as these.
  • Treatment at these facilities is usually more intensive as well as better-rounded. These programs often have more funding than outpatient facilities, so they will usually provide more options to patients.
  • Staff members at these facilities will usually provide aftercare options to patients. Therefore, you can expect to have a safe and easy transition from inpatient care into another treatment option when you are ready.
  • Inpatient centers are often more focused on providing comfortable living spaces so patients can be relaxed. Since you will be spending all day and night at these facilities, you should expect a comfort level greater than those provided at most outpatient centers.

There are many other reasons why you may want to choose inpatient care for your treatment option, and we can discuss these with you in detail. These facilities are beneficial to many patients who require more intensive treatment as well as safe and reliable care.

Who Needs Inpatient Treatment?

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment provides personalized care.

By calling 888-810-3710 Who Answers? , you can determine whether or not inpatient treatment would be the best option for you. But there are several rules of thumb to help you determine if this treatment option is a necessity based on your current situation.

  • If you are attending professional treatment for the first time, it is best to start with a more intensive program. You can always transition into a less rigorous or in-depth program after attending inpatient care. It is also safer to start here because patients are usually most vulnerable in the early stages of treatment.
  • If you are suffering from a comorbid disorder (that is, a mental or physical disorder that has been associated with your addiction and possibly is working to worsen it), inpatient care would be a much safer option for you. Medical conditions usually cannot be treated in outpatient programs because these facilities are unable to offer hospital-like accommodations. In addition, psychological conditions must be treated in a more intensive program for similar reasons. If you are unsure of whether or not you have a mental or physical disorder that is co-occurring with your addiction, ask your doctor to check you for symptoms, as it is very common for addicts to develop comorbid disorders (especially mental disorders).
  • If your friends and family do not provide a strong support system for your recovery, inpatient care could be very helpful to you. Your doctors, nurses, and counselors––as well as the other patients––will all want to see you recover and will be very helpful to you under these circumstances. It is much safer to surround yourself with people who will support your recovery, especially at this time.
  • If you are not living in a safe and secure home environment, inpatient care is also necessary. It would be counterintuitive for you to visit treatment every day and then go home to a place that is unsafe and unsupportive of your recovery.

Under any of these circumstances, inpatient care is a necessity, but you may decide to attend this option simply to benefit from the controlled environment, 24-hour care, dedicated staff, and multiple treatment options. Finding the right treatment facility is all about choosing which program will be the most beneficial to you.

How Do I Find Inpatient Treatment?

Call 888-810-3710 Who Answers? to find rehab options that will provide you with multiple treatment methods as well as safe, reliable care. We can also help you find the facilities that will accept your insurance and provide the options you need, whether related to your addiction treatment specifically or not.

Ask any questions you may have about the facility, including what treatments it offers and how long the program will last. We can help you find the inpatient program that will most directly cater to your needs, allowing you to recover from substance abuse and regain your control of your life.

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